Application is now open for Parishioners of St Anne’s for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels (ITE, Poly or JC).

Interested applicants may collect the application form from the Secretariat’s Office.
Closing date for submission is 31 Dec 2015. Award will be given out in Jan 2016.

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Application is now open for needy Primary, Secondary, Junior College (CI) students.

Applicant must be a Catholic studying full-time at a government recognized
institution. In addition, the applicant must possess good conduct, satisfactory academic results and must not be
a recipient of any other scholarships or bursaries. Income criteria:

(1) household monthly income must not exceed $2,000 OR

(2) the per capita […]

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Pope: The Church lives among the people and for the people

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Pope Francis: The Christian includes; Pharisees exclude



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Rite of Acceptance

We will be having the Rite of Acceptance to the order of Catechumens and
Reception of Candidates into Full Communion with the Catholic Church
and Commissioning of Sponsors for RCIA 2015 on Saturday 14 November at the Sunset 6pm Mass.

Please keep our Inquirers, Candidates and Sponsors in your prayers.

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Archdiocese’s Deepavali message

Dear Hindu Friends,

It is with great joy that I greet you on this wonderful celebration of Deepavali – the victory of Light over Darkness.
May your celebration be filled with the light of love and harmony as you gather among family and friends to renew, rekindle and strengthen bonds that are so much at risk in […]

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St Vincent De Paul (SSVP), Conference of St Anne

On 27th Oct 2015, St Vincent De Paul (SSVP), Conference of St Anne will be conducting a Food For The Poor outreach to selected rental flats in Sengkang. As such, we seek your generous support for next weekend’s (3rd & 4th October) 2nd collection as the funds collected will be used for this purpose. Thank […]

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Fund Raising

Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore (CTIS) will be holding a Fund Raising Carnival in our parish on Saturday 31st October 2015 from 9am to 3pm. Coupons are on sale outside the Catechetical Office in the Canteen this Sunday morning. Next weekend (3rd & 4th October), coupons will be on sale outside the church at all […]

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Pope Francis’s profound message at UN and 9/11 museum

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Pope Francis, in Congress, Pleads for Unity on World’s Woes

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