ANNOUNCEMENT: St Anne’s Church Columbarium

In view of the recent COVID-19 Phase 2 “Heightened Alert” Announcement, please be informed of the following changes:

Columbarium Visits

Columbarium Visits @ St Anne (including bookings for 23 May 2021 visits) is postponed until further notice. Announcements will be made on our website and on social media as soon as we are able to resume. Requests for special visits are strictly not allowed.

Interment of Ashes

Interment of Ashes will be carried out on Fridays only. Up to 4 family members may attend the interment. Family members are to maintain a safe distance of 1m between the 2 groups of 2 family members, the priest and the contractor during the interment.

Family members are to apply for Interment of Ashes via email. Please state “Interment of Ashes” in your email and attach the death certificate and baptism certificate.

Booking of Niche

Booking of Niche will be restricted to immediate and urgent cases. Kindly indicate “Booking of Niche” and attach the baptism certificate of the beneficiary/beneficiaries and the death certificate (if applicable) in your email.

Email to:

Cancellation of Sunday Masses 16th May / Rebooking Exercise

Due to the recent Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) announcements, Mass bookings from 16 May – 31 May will be automatically cancelled. There will be NO Masses on 16 May. Rebooking for Masses, starting on May 17th to 31st, will be on Sunday 16th May at 9am/12pm/3pm.

Rejoice! Rejoice! Good news from our Chief Smelly Shepherd

Message from the Chief Smelly Shepherd of Saint Anne’s Church

Offering of Masses for the Deceased

Mass Offering envelopes are available outside the General Office

  • Write the names of your loved ones and the date of Mass
  • Tick the correct intentions (Souls)
  • Put Mass Stipends into the envelope and seal
  • Drop it into the Mass Offering Box

Book of Remembrance

A Book of Remembrance will be placed near the Altar for the month of November 2020. Prayers for your departed loved ones will be offered during mass. You may register the names of your departed loved ones at


All names will be compiled and entered into the Book of Remembrance weekly, and this is open to all non-parishioners as well as those who would like to remember their departed family and friends. Donations are encouraged to help with maintenance and upkeep of the Columbarium. You may make your donations by the following mode:

PayNow – UEN: T08CC4037D

Cash – drop into Donation Boxes in and around church

Cheque – payable to St Anne’s Church. Mail to 66 Sengkang East Way, Singapore 548593 or drop into the mailbox at the main gate.

Kindly indicate “Columbarium Upkeep” for donations via PayNow and Cheques.

Columbarium Booking Schedule

(For enquiries please call 63863792)

Visiting date Links to booking Visiting starts Visiting ends Bookings open
11 May 2021, Tuesday Book here 3:00pm 3:20pm 27 Apr @ 00:00hrs
11 May 2021, Tuesday Book here 3:30pm 3:50pm 04 May @ 00:00hrs
23 May 2021, Sunday Book here 2:00pm 2:20pm 12 May @ 00:00hrs
23 May 2021, Sunday Book here 2:30pm 2:50pm 12 May @ 00:00hrs
23 May 2021, Sunday Book here 3:00pm 3:20pm 12 May @ 00:00hrs

Greetings from the new Chief Smelly Shepherd of Saint Anne’s Church

Mass: 01 August 2020

  • Day 1

St. Anne’s Feast Day Food Funfair 2019

Message Fr. Francis
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To commemorate the upcoming resumption of mass on 18th & 19th July 2020, the Faith Communities of St Anne’s would like to share our Virtual Choir video! 🎼

We hope that this video will spread joy to you, your families and friends 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and help you reconnect with the physical church and the holy mass again. Have a blessed week ahead! 🕊

🎧 Have a listen here:

“Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.” – 2 Corinthians 13:11 🌈✨

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Episode 8 (Final) – “The Gospel of Life” weekly video series by Fr Albert

“Holy Spirit” by Via Christi Choir

Read their message here

Dear parishioners,

Peace be with you and your families! 🕊

We are youth from the Faith Community of St Anne’s. We would like to share with you a Praise and Worship video we have recorded for you to participate in! This video is our way of giving back to the parish that we grew up and were formed in 💒

In this time of isolation, the Lord shows us that there are still reasons to be grateful and opportunities to heal, be more patient and charitable to our loved ones. He invites us to find faith and hope even amidst the struggles! 🙏🏼

We would like to invite you to take these 20 minutes as a time of Thanksgiving and surrender to the Lord through song! 🎼

RCIA 2020 – Share the Catholic Faith with someone
“Once a year, make a resolution: ‘I will introduce Jesus to at least one non-Catholic!'” – Archbishop William Goh

Read more about RCIA 2020 here
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