Episode 8 of “The Gospel of Life” weekly video series by Fr Albert

Episode 7 of “The Gospel of Life” weekly video series by Fr Albert

We are youth from the Faith Community of St Anne’s. We would like to share with you a Praise and Worship video we have recorded for you to participate in! This video is our way of giving back to the parish that we grew up and were formed in 💒

In this time of isolation, the Lord shows us that there are still reasons to be grateful and opportunities to heal, be more patient and charitable to our loved ones. He invites us to find faith and hope even amidst the struggles! 🙏🏼

We would like to invite you to take these 20 minutes as a time of Thanksgiving and surrender to the Lord through song! 🎼

Episode 6  –  The Mass – The Communion Rite, The Dismissal

Episode 5 – The Mass – The Eucharistic Prayer
Episode 3 – The Mass – The Liturgy of the Word
Episode 2 – The Mass – The Introductory Rites
Episode 1 – The Mass- Understanding Its Significance

“Holy Spirit” by Via Christi Choir

Changing our Mindset

“A good householder is one who brings old and new from his storeroom.”

Jesus and Forgiveness by Fr Henry Siew

The Angry God in Old Testament Explained by Fr Henry Siew

Mary Our Mother, Star of the New Evangelisation – The 5th Joyful Mystery, The Finding of Jesus in the Temple

Walking Together