Visiting St Anne’s Church Columbarium

We are pleased to inform you St Anne’s Church Columbarium is now open
for visits. At the moment, the Columbarium is open for visit once a month till
further notice.  Online bookings can be made on our website. Please click the links
according to the preferred time slot for your booking. Entry is limited to 30
persons for each time slot on a first-come-first-served basis. Bookings will close one day before the event.
In line with the current regulations of the Archdiocese, all visitors must be
registered parishioners with St Anne’s Church @ before booking.

Columbarium Booking Schedule

(For enquiries please call 63863792)

Visiting date Links to booking Visiting Starts at Visiting Ends at Bookings Open on
24 Jan 2021, Sunday Book here 2:00pm 2:20pm 16th January@ 00:00
24 Jan 2021, Sunday Book here 2:30pm 2:50pm 16th January@ 00:00
24 Jan 2021, Sunday Book here 3:00pm 3:20pm 16th January@ 00:00