Visiting St Anne’s Church Columbarium
We are pleased to inform you St Anne’s Church Columbarium is now open
for visits.
Online bookings can be made on our website. Please click the links
according to the preferred time slot for your booking. Entry is limited to 50
persons for each time slot on a first-come-first-served basis. Bookings will
close one day before the event.
Visitors need not be registered parishioners of St Anne’s Church.

St Anne’s Church Columbarium

Admin Coordinator:

Niche Booking Requirements:

  • Baptism Certificate of the Beneficiaries
  • Church Marriage Certificate if Niche is for a couple
  • NRIC of the Beneficiaries
  • NRIC of Applicant (the applicant can be the beneficiary or an immediate family member)
  • NRIC of Next of Kin (an immediate family member)

Interment of Ashes


  • Apply for the interment of ashes at the Parish Office
  • Arrange for Blessing of the Niche with a Catholic priest
  • Arrange for Collection of Ashes with church contractor
  • Collect ashes from crematorium (contractor will assist)
  • Blessing of the Niche by priest
  • Interment of the ashes
  • Installation of Memorial Plaque

To bring…

  • Copy of the Niche Booking
  • Death certificate of the beneficiary
  • Baptism certificate of the deceased
  • NRIC of the Applicant or the Next of Kin as stipulated in the Booking of the Niche

Visiting The Columbarium

Please observe the following:

  • Fresh flowers is prohibited
  • No smoking, eating, drinking or littering
  • No food offerings, burning of incense or joss stick
  • Do not hang any items on the grilles or railings
  • Rites or prayers from other religion is strictly prohibited
  • Children below 12 must be accompanied by an adult

Visiting Hours

  • Daily: 7.00am to 9.00pm including Public Holiday

Temporary suspended till further notice

Monthly Prayers

  • Prayers for the deceased is held every last Sunday of the month in the Columbarium at 12.00pm
    …all are welcome to join in the prayers

Offering Masses

  • Envelopes to offer mass for the soul of the deceased is available outside the General Office
  • Write the name of the deceased and date of the mass clearly then drop it into the Mass Offering box

When was it built?

The St Anne's Church Columbarium was blessed and officially declared open by His Grace Archbishop Emeritus Gregory Yong on 27 May 2001

Columbarium Booking Schedule

(For enquiries please call 63863792)

Visiting date Links to booking Visiting Starts Visiting Ends Bookings Open on
11 May 2021, Tuesday Book here 3:00pm 3:20pm 27 Apr @ 00:00hrs
11 May 2021, Tuesday Book here 3:30pm 3:50pm 04 May @ 00:00hrs
23 May 2021, Sunday Book here 2:00pm 2:20pm 12 May @ 00:00hrs
23 May 2021, Sunday Book here 2:30pm 2:50pm 12 May @ 00:00hrs
23 May 2021, Sunday Book here 3:00pm 3:20pm 12 May @ 00:00hrs