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2021 Lenten Reflection by ONE

Watch Video Trailer Here
In this video, expect to find out more about the theme of our 2021 Lenten Reflection e-Booklet. We hope this video give you a glimpse of what to expect, and spur you to use the e-Booklet with your family, your community and your ministry!

We will also be releasing six short weekly reflection videos on Thursdays from 18 February 2021 at 8pm. They serve to accompany the weekly readings in this e-Booklet.

About the e-Booklet

The wisdom of the Word can only be found by those who read it, ponder on it, accept it and live it.

Lent is often referred to as the ‘desert experience’, when we are invited into the wilderness for 40 days. Yet the word ‘Lent’ means ‘spring’!

This year, we invite you to use ‘The Word: Source of Life’, our latest Lenten Reflection e-Booklet to journey through Lent with hope as we allow ourselves to be guided by the Word.

The e-booklet is available in English, Chinese, & Tamil and we encourage you to share and support one another through this journey.

Download The Word: Source of Life here

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